Custom Component Engineering

Precision Swiss CNC Machining

As technology embraces miniaturisation, devices for digital communication, medical and aerospace applications are shrinking in size and growing in sophistication. It follows that the components that comprise them are also getting smaller and more complex.

Swiss CNC machining is the answer to achieving close tolerances, particularly for small and slender components. High accuracy is achieved with sub-spindles, bar-loaders, live tooling and highly skilled machinists.  24 hour production allows for fast turnaround and exceptional value.

Precision CNC Milling and Turning

Perry Engineering offers you the skills of an exceptional team of experienced machinists using state of the art CNC equipment and fully integrated manufacturing software. This combination ensures that components are produced to exact specifications every time.

Our reputation for industry excellence has been achieved by continual investment in our people and equipment in response to the demands of our customers.  


Built in to every component

"Be a yardstick of quality.  Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected"  Steve Jobs
Precision tolerancesOur quality objective is to provide total customer satisfaction. Our policy is to deliver to our customers and associates competitive products and services that consistently conform to and exceed their requirements.
Quality is built in to every step of the manufacturing process at Perry Engineering. From the time material arrives, to in process inspections, to final inspection including reports and certifications where required.

Quality is an absolute expectation without compromise.


Design and Manufacture

SolidWorks Design SoftwareSolidWorks and Mastercam allow for exceptional control over the design and programming process. Programming and machining times are significantly reduced using Mastercam to optimize tool paths
Photo quality rendering of proposals and designs can help customers visualize how a completed assembly will look. These powerful images can aid in presentation of proposals to stakeholders.

Dimensioned drawings are an essential part of the communication process between designer and manufacturer. Where none are available, these can be produced on-site by Perry Engineering.  

                                                                   SolidWorks Design Software                                  Mastercam Design Software 


 Prototype to production, Perry Engineering has the solution.

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